cubic, face-centered

Elements with a cubic, face-centered crystalline structure include helium (beta form), lithium (beta form), carbon (buckminsterfullerene forms), neon (face-centered cubic form), aluminum, argon, calcium (alpha form), manganese (other form), iron (gamma form), cobalt (alpha form), nickel, copper, krypton, strontium (alpha form), rhodium, palladium, silver, xenon, lanthanum (beta form), cerium (alpha and two other forms), neodymium (high pressure form), ytterbium (alpha form), iridium, platinum, gold, thallium (gamma form), lead, radon, actinium, thorium (alpha form), plutonium (delta form), americium (beta form), curium (beta form), californium (beta form), berkelium (beta form), and einsteinium (alpha form).