The Periodic Spiral uses the color scarlet (a warm red) to identify lithium, boron, fluorine, rubidium, niobium, rhodium, indium, iodine, and the undiscovered element 119. In the flame test, lithium produces a scarlet red flame (approximate wavelength 700nm). The strongest of lithiumís spectral lines is in the scarlet region, at around 6705 Ň. Rubidium was named from the Latin name rubidus, meaning "deep red", for the two very distinctive, ruby-red color spectral lines observed by its discoverers. Rhodium takes its name from the Greek word rhodon (rose) in allusion to its distinctively rosy red salts. In interactive donor solvents like alcohol and ethanol, iodine's solutions are a deep scarlet hue. Iodine Scarlet (also known as Pure Scarlet) is a pigment of an intense scarlet color, consisting of mercuric iodide.